Coronavirus Pandemic: The Salvation Army Connected and Continuing to Serve

Flexibility and adaptation are characterising the way in which The Salvation Army responds to communities impacted by the effects of COVID-19 right around the world. The movement is meeting new-found needs while also endeavouring to maintain its services to vulnerable people, often needing to amend practices to meet necessarily stringent guidelines and legislation to curb the spread of the coronavirus pathogen

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help your fellow man

Everyday someone suffers misfortune. Someone who had their life together just yesterday. It may be due to an accident, illness, unemployment, divorce, assault or death of a relative – there are countless stories and countless people who need help. One person’s bad luck also often affects others, in families especially children. The funds from the Help Your Fellow Man collection are used to support these people.


if we are to  
better the future,
we must disturb 
the present.

- Catherine Booth, Mother of The Salvation Army

soap and

We are an international organization and part of the global evangelical Christian church. Our teachings are based on the Bible and our service stems from our love for God. We aim to take a holistic approach and meet the needs of the mind, soul, and body. Therefore our guiding principle has been from the very beginning 'Soup, Soap and Salvation'.

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Social work

What we do:

  • financial support for families and children
  • kindergartens and children's summer camps
  • fighting youth exclusion
  • housing and care services for the elderly
  • food aid for students
  • meal centers
  • counseling for the unemployed
  • rehabilitation of inmates
  • housing services for the homeless
  • rehabilitation for addicts

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children and youth


Camps, day care centers, scouting, holiday home, letter Sunday school, Nappis magazine, school visits etc!

TSA children and youth work offers a safe Christian environment where everyone will feel welcome just as they are.

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second-hand stores

The Salvation Army was the first organization to establish second-hand stores in Finland, in 1970.

There are presently 18 second-hand stores around the country. 

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strong charity in finland

The Salvation Army is active all around Finland. Find your nearest corps and join in! 

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cooperation and partnerships

Does your company want to implement corporate social responsibility? Start a partnership with The Salvation Army in Finland. 

We work with companies to get their expertise and resources to reduce domestic poverty. With our help the company can implement their corporate social responsibility through concrete actions, and strengthen their brand and employer image. Interested?

Contact: [email protected]


According to research, people engaged in volunteer work are happier, healthier, and live longer. We offer volunteering opportunities for everybody.

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child sponsorship

The Salvation Army in Finland has worked with child sponsorship since 1969. The purpose of the work is to give children in developing countries a better start to life.  The donated funds are used to support children's education and health.

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our faith

The Salvation Army is a Christian organisation and part of the universal Christian Church. Its message and the lifestyle it advocates are based on the Bible's teaching. Everybody is welcome to our services!

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