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We live in exceptionally challenging times. With your donation, we are able to help many people in many kinds of urgent need: offer a meal, bed for the night; to support, walk by your side, give advice and much more. We also need volunteers to carry out many kinds of work.

Donate for Finland

Distress and need for help do not look at the calendar – your help is needed through the year. Poverty in families with children increases at an alarming speed. Many families carry the heavy burden of poverty on their shoulders. Donate

You can also donate by texting PELASTA to 16499 (10 € donation).

Child sponsorship

The Salvation Army in Finland has worked with child sponsorship since 1969. The purpose of the work is to give children in developing countries a better start to life. The donated funds are used to support children's education and health. Become a sponsor

Monthly donation

Your regular donation will help children, young people and adults; families and those who live alone. With your help, we can walk with those in need. Become a monthly donor


We are greatly thankful to all who choose to leave a legacy to The Salvation Army in their last will. Read more in Finnish or contact osmo.halonen(at)


According to research studies, people engaged in volunteer work are on an average happier, healthier, and live longer. We are immensely greatful to all who give us their support. Read more and contact your local corps for more information about volunteering options.