Second-hand stores

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Buying from The Salvation Army second-hand stores and online shop supports four good causes:
  • Helping troubled people in Finland, such as the unemployed, disadvantaged, single parents, elderly and others left without the support of society 
  • Giving new life for useful things and clothes by recycling 
  • Contributing to finnish work and employment and enabling re-education
  • Saving nature by recycling

Pictures from Lahti's Vesijärvenkatu
Second-Hand Store during the Retro Event.




from The Salvation Army's Second-Hand Stores
by showing a valid student ID card

(not with other benefits or discounts or in online shop)

Photo: Girl using Laptop in park, by College Degrees 360

New Second-Hand Store Opened in Myllypuro Shopping Center

Lots of beautiful and affordable clothes, shoes,
paintings, toys, books and jewellery.


Opening hours:
Week days 10 - 19, Sat 10 - 16

Kiviparintie 2
00920 Helsinki
Tel. 050  308 7197

Video of the Recycling Process: 


The Salvation Army has 23 second-hand stores around Finland. 
Welcome! See all second-hand stores on a Map.

The Salvation Army's second-hand stores have books, magazines, toys, accessories, dishes, electronics, furniture and a lot more.

During opening hours You can bring your donation into the shops.

People in Charge

Head of recycling Harri Lehti
Uudenmaankatu 40, PL 161, 00121 Helsinki tel. (09) 681 2300 fax (09) 6812 3033 

Recycling in Helsinki

Manager of recycling Tiina Blomqvist  
Itäinen Valkoisenlähteentie 15, 01260 Vantaa

Collection of goods and clothes, central storage

Itäinen Valkoisenlähteentie 15, 01260 Vantaa
tel. 09 8770 270 (noutopalvelu)

Recycling in Tampere    

Itsenäisyydenkatu 25-27, 33500 Tampere (office)

Collection of goods and clothes
tel. 044 757 7964 (pick-up service)

Recycling in Turku 

Yliopistonkatu 5, 20100 Turku (toimisto)

Collection of goods and clothes
tel. 044 757 7944 (pick-up service)

Recycling in Oulu

Ratamotie 22, PL 27, 90581 Oulu

Collection of goods and clothes
tel. 044 7577970 (wholesale and pick-up service)