Second-hand stores

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Buying from The Salvation Army second-hand stores and online shop supports four good causes:
  • Helping troubled people in Finland, such as the unemployed, disadvantaged, single parents, elderly and others left without the support of society 
  • Giving new life for useful things and clothes by recycling 
  • Contributing to finnish work and employment and enabling re-education
  • Saving nature by recycling

Pictures from Lahti's Vesijärvenkatu
Second-Hand Store during the Retro Event.




from The Salvation Army's Second-Hand Stores
by showing a valid student ID card

(not with other benefits or discounts or in online shop)

Photo: Girl using Laptop in park, by College Degrees 360

New Second-Hand Store Opened in Myllypuro Shopping Center

Lots of beautiful and affordable clothes, shoes,
paintings, toys, books and jewellery.


Opening hours:
Week days 10 - 19, Sat 10 - 16

Kiviparintie 2
00920 Helsinki
Tel. 050  308 7197

Video of the Recycling Process: 


The Salvation Army has 16 second-hand stores around Finland. 
Welcome! See all second-hand stores on a Map.

The Salvation Army's second-hand stores have books, magazines, toys, accessories, dishes, electronics, furniture and a lot more.

During opening hours You can bring your donation into the shops.

People in Charge

Head of recycling Harri Lehti
[email protected]
Uudenmaankatu 40, PL 161, 00121 Helsinki tel. (09) 681 2300 fax (09) 6812 3033 

Recycling in Helsinki

Manager of recycling Tiina Blomqvist  
Itäinen Valkoisenlähteentie 15, 01260 Vantaa
[email protected]

Collection of goods and clothes, central storage

Itäinen Valkoisenlähteentie 15, 01260 Vantaa
[email protected]
tel. 09 8770 270 (noutopalvelu)

Recycling in Tampere    

Itsenäisyydenkatu 25-27, 33500 Tampere (office)

Collection of goods and clothes
[email protected]
tel. 044 757 7964 (pick-up service)